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    Innovative Teaching

    Technology plays a key role in innovative teaching. Innovative trainers use new technology to enhance or expand upon the student experience. Innovative teaching also involves creativity on the part of the trainer. Innovative trainers sometimes reorganize the educational process.

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    Practical Blended training

    Blended learning often refers to the use of computers to complement the sessions and strengthen the teaching process through practice and the application of theories learned in sessions.Due to the benefits it offers on a broad scale, to name a few, self-paced learning, testing and quizzing, monitoring and feedback.

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    Best Live Training

    When we're talking about an online classroom, we mean a synchronous environment with a leader and participants in multiple locations speaking and interacting with one another at the same time, much as they would in a physical classroom. Participants can raise their hands, take surveys or tests, and participate in learning activities in a number of different ways.

Look at Our Latest Courses

  • Instructor led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    Hadoop Developer Course

    Big Data Hadoop training will make you expert in HDFS, Yarn, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase, ....

  • Instructor led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    Hadoop Admin Course

    Administration training helps you gain expertise to maintain large and complex Hadoop Cluster...

  • Instructor Led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    Java Course

    Java training helps you gain expertise in Programming, Architecture, Scripting, J2EE......

  • Instructor led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    QA & UFT(QTP) Course

    Spark Training will give you expertise to perform large-scale Data Processing using RDD.......

  • Instructor led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    QA & Selenium Course

    QA & Selenium Testing Training helps you master in Manual, Automation, QTP Tool Testing,.....

  • Instructor led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    RPA Course

    RPA Training helps you master in Robotics Process Automation & usage of tools,.....

  • Instructor led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    PMP Course

    PMP Training helps you master in Project Management Programing Professional,.....

  • Instructor led Online Training Duration : 40 hrs

    Business Analyst Course

    For basic foundation level BA training No specific prerequisites required


  • "The training methodology is really innovative what they claim. I am seeing this kind of training for the first time in my career. The way they address the needs of the participants is really good."

    Nachiappan Narayan

    Senior Java Developer

  • "I am very happy to share the training provided by Srinivas Mallampati, who has vast experience in IT and sound knowledge on BigData is beyond my expectations and is very useful to me at work place."

    Shankar Sinha

    Java Architect

  • "My assosiation with Srinivas Mallampati in getting a Proof of Concept done is very interesting and he has lots of patience to understand the needs precisely and deliver the true expectations. Hence the journey with him is getting continued and I wish him all the best for every of his effort."


    DBA & BI Specalist

  • "More than the sessions the confidence we get while attendening the sessions is excellent. Though I am from non programming background but by attending the sessions I was able to clear my interview and start working in BigData space. Thanks to Srinivas Mallampati for everything he extended during the training."


    Senior DBA

Latest News
  • Big data problem? Don't forget search.

    While Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases make more noise, search is the original -- and one of the most useful -- big data technologies

    Spark 2.0 takes an all-in-one approach to big data

    With a new streaming system, performance enhancements, and API refinements, Apache Spark 2.0 offers a big umbrella to data users

Why TechyBees

What Is TechyBees?

Bees are the foundation to the planet earth. Having belief in that we founded TechyBees, an organization that produces Technology bees will spread the technical capabilities where ever they render their services.

Why Should I go with TechyBees?

We are the pioneers in online education for more than a decade. Our vast experience in technology training brings you the Innovative, practical blended and best online learning platform. All our trainers are atleast 15 years experienced in their respective areas of training. With out vast experience we have developed a unique methodology to engrave the concept into the minds of the participants so that with minimal practical effort they can be sucessful in their career. Especially when you are taking a diversion in your career path you are under lot of pressure, with our expertise we make you achieve your goals easily and help you to survive better at the work place even.

What Is TechyBees Features?

Innovative Teaching
Pratical Blended Training
Best Live Training

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